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ISO 56002:2019 – The New International Standard For Innovation

Updated: Sep 10

In the ‘Buzzword Top-10’ of overused and overhyped terms “digital transformation” and “innovation” must rank right up there. As well as overused, they are also often confused or used interchangeably, showing a lack of understanding of how they relate or work together. Digital Transformation is the integration of digital technology into a business to change how it operates and delivers value. Innovation is the process that gets the business there.

Yet when it comes to innovation, many companies lose their way, approaching it as a series of tactical exercises that seldom add value. All that has changed with the introduction of ISO 56002:2019 – the new international standard for innovation. This ground-breaking standard provides a framework and guidelines that enable organizations to navigate the innovation landscape strategically, fostering a culture of innovation that adds true value to their operations.

Recognizing this change ITS now works closely with its clients to develop a "digital innovation strategy." –compelling them to embrace a strategic perspective, acknowledging innovation as a core priority rather than a series of ad-hoc projects. Through this shift, organizations gain the power to overcome traditional boundaries, revealing new and innovative solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.

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