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Case study: NISRA enhances service whilst saving time and money with new digitised platform

The Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (NISRA) is the principal source of official statistics and social research in Northern Ireland. Their work informs public policy, academic research, and private sector studies, contributing to broader community debates.

NISRA's Survey Management System required a technical refresh to ensure continued effectiveness and security. ITS took the opportunity to replace a legacy offline forms system with a new digital platform, allowing electronic distribution and receipt of surveys. This made it easier for businesses to complete and submit surveys through online web forms accessible across multiple channels and devices.

To enhance the user experience and increase response rates, ITS introduced new functionality to improve data capture and validation. Real-time verification and benchmarking against previous years' data improved accuracy, enabling NISRA to collect and analyse higher-quality data. The technical refresh also introduced a customized electronic forms solution accessible 24/7 from various devices. The system is WCAG compliant, enhancing accessibility and reducing the digital divide.

Through implementing a digital platform NISRA aims to achieve higher survey response rates, obtain more accessible and accurate data, and reduce physical storage requirements. This transition also minimizes environmental impact through reduced paper usage and postage, streamlining operations and saving time and money.

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