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A new strategic alliance, delivering AI-driven solutions for a smarter future.

Recent years have witnessed a significant surge in interest in AI, driven by its potential to revolutionise industries, improve efficiency, enhance decision-making, and transform various aspects of our lives. Recognizing the benefits of AI, ITS has established a partnership with a Belfast based AI company Analytics Engines. This new collaboration aims to leverage AI technology to enhance ITS service offering with new innovative solutions.

Working at the forefront of AI enhanced search and discovery, AE’s proprietary discovery platform accelerates simple search, but also goes deeper, revealing information that was previously unknown, unconnected and inert. Solutions are tailored to each client, incorporating natural language processing, pattern identification, and relationship mapping across multiple unstructured sources. While each case is unique and methods may vary, the solutions developed consistently reveal valuable connections, predictions, deeper understanding, and new opportunities.

ITS has already begun integrating Analytics Engines' cutting-edge technology into its existing offerings, helping not only to streamline simple searches but also delve deeper into data, uncovering valuable insights and connections that were previously hidden. This enhanced functionality allows ITS to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of their data, empowering them to make informed decisions and identify new opportunities efficiency and savings.

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