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Case Management

Case Management 

ITS has a proven track record in Government and Professional Bodies and provides solutions specifically suited to investigative, complaints, regulatory compliance, business process management and digital transformation.

Cube Case Management

Streamline your workload and boost your efficiency with Cube Case Management.

Meeting GDS and NICS design principles, Cube Case Management affords organisations the flexibility to configure a platform to suit specific needs. With a high level of modular configurability, Cube can meet your needs without the need for costly custom design work.

Hosted in the cloud, a dedicated data centre or on premises, Cube puts you in control of your case management processes.

Uncompromising solutions for your business needs

Cube's modular components offer both configurability and flexibility to adapt to even the most unique and complex customer requirements, all while being based on an off the shelf product. That's why we never say "our product doesn't do that." Cube empowers customers to achieve their digital goals without any compromises.

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A Case Management System that is user friendly, efficient, and effective.

Designed in accordance with GDS (Government Digital Service) design principles, Cube provides digital services which are empathetic, efficient, and effective.

These design principles prioritize user centred design, clear communication, and iterative development to create effective and efficient digital services that meet the needs of citizens.

Transform Your User Experience

Cube’s user intuitive dashboard was designed to utilise skillsets made familiar through social media and search engines like Facebook and Google both having user interfaces that are known for their usability and effectiveness.
Simple and easy to navigate, making it easy for users to find what they need, our user interface improves the user experience, increases productivity, and lowers support costs.

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Streamline your application's performance
with cloud hosting

Governments at all levels, local and central are increasingly turning to cloud hosting as a way to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase security.

Cube Case management has been designed with cloud hosting in mind, ensuring that it is optimized for the cloud, taking full advantage of its scalability, resilience, availability and security.

Cube Applications

While the specifics of Cube’s implementation vary depending on the sector, the general principles remain the same. Here are some examples of Cube of how has
been applied to different applications


E Grant streamlines and automates grant management for optimal efficiency and impact.


Equip your organization with the tools to manage complaints, track activities, and quickly locate resolutions.


Securely manage investigations with data protection and audit capabilities.


Replace paper forms with an efficient, browser-based solution that secures data and adheres to business rules.


Efficiently manage forensics cases with full transparency, traceability, and accountability.


Enhance customer service and data quality with a secure, cloud-based interactive claims process.


Provide a transparent window into case progress with secure management and protection of key information.


Streamline inspections with task checklists, scheduling, results tracking, and notifications.

The Cube Suite

Cube Portal

Cube Portal is a flexible
self service system that provides citizens with online access to government services, promoting greater engagement

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Cube Report Studio

Designed with flexibility in mind, Cube Report Studio examines and interprets your data in order to discover meaningful
insights that can be used to drive business decisions.

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